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Family Health

Family Health is a self-supporting association that make solid lives through the arrangement of value, exhaustive administrations. We reliably enhance and boost the nature of care conveyed. Consistently coordinated with the group, we are perceived for win-win-win (persistent boss supplier) connections that contact more individuals and give better care at lower cost. Our practices rouse patients to look for care and data proactively. Most importantly, our association underpins a culture of supporting initiative that jelly the “family” in Family Health.


Family Health

Family health is a section and segment of group wellbeing. For commonsense reasons, it might be sound to recognize: ♦ The childbearing unit, atomic or one parent family, where the hereditary elements are unmistakable. ♦ The youngster raising unit, from atomic to reached out, with prevalence of the social and natural elements. “Family wellbeing is more than the total of the individual strength of people (counting father) who frame the family since it likewise takes into thought collaboration as far as wellbeing (physical and mental) between individuals from the family-connections between the family and its social surroundings at all phases of family life in its diverse basic sorts”. Family ought to be recognized as: A unit of wellbeing and unit for care.

What is Family Health?

Health is characterized in various routes by various creators. It could be characterized as: A personal satisfaction, which includes social, mental and organic wellness with respect to the person, which comes about because of adjustments to nature.


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Natural health care Products-The Vitamin Company

The vitamin company is a USA based company. We are many natural vitamins supplement introducing in Pakistan. We are lot off healthcare medicine or supplement selling in all Pakistan cities. These are products is family health , Men’s Health, Women’s  Health  skin & beauty care , weight loss  , baby range  and others home consumer  products.

Product info

To introduce latest research products to the people and to contribute towards the ailing population by bringing in state-of-the-art healthcare Nutritional supplements.

ultra-slim-plus    whitening-bb-cream  gold-delay-condom   vita-men omega-3-fish-oilx-tend

Family Health

  • Vita Growth
  • Super Ginseng
  • Royal Jelly
  • Ortho Tone Plus
  • Diabetrol
  • Stress Plax

Men’s health

  • Moments Gold delay Condom
  • Ultra force
  • Vita men
  • Xest
  • X-tend
  • Prostate support

Women’s health


  • Breast Enlargement
  • Evening Primrose oil
  • Femme Gel
  • Size Up
  • Size Up vitamins

Skin Whitening

  • Whitening BB Cream
  • Kojic acid whitening cream
  • Kojic acid whitening face wash
  • Skin Glow Serum
  • Vita white
  • Vitamin c & lemon cream
  • Whitening Apricot

Weight loss

  • Ultra slim Plus
  • Ultra slim gel

Baby Rang

  • NINQ Baby Lotion
  • Hair oil
  • Vita Hair
  • Vita hair Vita min

Company Info

Company Name: The Vitamin Company

Address:  Gulberg III Lahore

Phone # 0800-00-111

Mobile No: +92 03228271111